24 6 / 2013

One of my first posts on this blog was about the fact that I had to travel from classroom to classroom and therefore needed to find a way to haul all of my stuff without it being too much of an inconvenience. (you can read all about it here) After extensive Googling and many ideas & suggestions later, I ended up settling on a good old fashioned teacher bag. My original teacher bag was a simple messenger bag given to me as a Christmas gift by one of my 3rd graders. It worked well for a while but when I was assigned 7th and 9th grade literature it proved to be too small. Plus, the wear and tear were really starting to show. This meant I needed a new, bigger, much sturdier teacher bag. Enter Thirty-One and their Organizing Utility Tote. It has tons of space, seven side pockets, and can be customized to your style and taste! I absolutely love it and it has proven to be quite useful. Here’s a picture of my actual bag:

It holds all of my materials, extra materials for students, all of my binders (I have three), 3rd grade text books, etc. I love it! Definitely an upgrade from my old teacher bag! I used to have a turquoise rosette clip on it but it ended up breaking, it still looks cute without it though! 

How about you guys? What do you use to carry all your teacher things around? Do you travel from classroom to classroom like me or know anyone else that does? If so, what tips  can you share?

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  3. gigifoundatardis answered: This is brilliant! I also float from class to class, and have a horrible time keeping up with everything I need from one class to the next.
  4. mrsjdr answered: I use the exact same bag from Thirty-One. It was a gift from a student and I have the matching lunchbox. I love it and it is perfect for me.
  5. rookieteacher25 answered: The organizing utility tote is the BEST teacher bag ever!!!
  6. cowboysandconundrums answered: So cute!
  7. seekelslearn answered: I had this tote, but then I upgraded to the super organizing tote…same bag, same pockets but HUGE and it has a zipper!
  8. christian-wolf-lol-ima-wolf answered: sure in my next post i’ll make sure that its in it or i’ll post your post and give credit to you because of insperation
  9. tomes-away answered: I didn’t float from room to room, but my go-to carry-all teacher bag has been a reusable grocery bag from Trader Joe’s. It was $1!
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